Press Release: Plexial’s Statement On Reported Fraudulent Recruitment

It was brought to Plexial’s attention that our company’s name and logo were misused by a fraudulent individual/organisation.

According to reports from the public, scammers were offering fake part-time jobs to promote apps. Some victims came across fake job advertisements, while others received unsolicited WhatsApp or Telegram messages from unknown numbers.

Scam Alert

The scammers then directed the victims to another website to create an account. They would then explain that the job requires them to promote apps as users on the platform. Moreover, the scammers would assure their victims that they would receive a refund eventually, with a commission. Some victims were told to transfer funds to an account first in order to earn their commission, but the commission was never received.

Scam Alert

We have no affiliation with this group of scammers and their activities. We advise the public to refrain from providing personal information and not agreeing to requests from unknown sources. The police have also been notified, and the case is currently being investigated.

If you have any information related to such crimes, you can call 1800-255-0000 or submit your information online at

Please note that Plexial will NEVER send any unsolicited message regarding job offers. All forms of communication must come from our direct team based in Singapore.




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