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Does your website show up on Google? No? Your pages might not be well-optimised! Run our SEO audit tool against your website and see how well your website is doing.

What should I do to improve the rank of my website?


Quality Website

Make quality content and improve the overall user experience of the website.


The Right Keywords

Find the right keywords that best relate to the content of a website and likely be used by potential customers on a search engine.


Provide Data

Set the right metadata for all your pages such as meta-description, alt tag and schema markup.

We perform SEO that increases revenue, not just rankings.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising the website so that its content can be easily discovered by web users.

Why do I need SEO?

In today’s digital world, everyone is trying to get more customers through their website. In order to do well and stand out from the competition, your website has to be optimised for the search engine.

How long does SEO take?

The work never really ends with SEO. As quoted by Google, the only constant thing about SEO is that it is not constant. It can take months for search engine to recognise and trust your website. Working with a trusted agency like Plexial will help you set a realistic timeline and goals to achieve the desired end-results.

What are keywords?

Keywords are carefully selected words or phrases that define what your content is about. They are also the words that a potential visitor enters into a search engine. It is important to analyse the market and find out what are the best keywords for your page.

Why choose Plexial?

Affordability. Quick Execution. Scalability. We are transparent with our pricing and will always keep you informed of the progress.

What sets our SEO work apart?

We have spent years developing and testing our methods. We study the algorithms used by major search engines and attend SEO meetings to stay updated with the latest changes. Our digital marketing team consists of SEO specialists, advertising professionals, content creators, and editors to help you rank your website.

SEO Search Engine Optimisation Singapore

We can help you with…

Keyword Research

We will research and identify the valuable keywords for your page.

Content Development

We plan, create and optimise your web content with carefully chosen topics and keywords that a potential customer will search for.

On-Page/ off Page Optimisation

Optimising of headlines, HTML tags, creation of metadata, link buildings, directory submissions, etc.

User Experience Design

Optimise for return visits, not bounce rate. A good UX will make viewers explore more pages.

Website Analytics

Web data is crucial to understand the user behaviour and for market research to improve the effectiveness of a website and marketing campaign.

Organic Link Building

Link building will drive referral traffic. It is a strong factor in the search algorithm.

Here’s our

Search Engine Optimisation Package


5 Keywords

12 months

10 Keywords

12 months

Research & Analysis
Keywords Guaranteed
Pages Optimised

Alt Tag Optimisation

H Tag Optimisation

Meta Title & Description Creation

XML Sitemap Creation
Robot Text Creation

Search Engine Submission

Google Analytics
301/404 Redirect
Internal Link Building
Social bookmarking
Local Directory Submission
Article Directories Submission
Google Webmaster Tools
Schema Markup
Blog Creation

Foster Authoritative Backlinks

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